Friday, May 31, 2013

DIY HeadBand

 Today I decided to try and make some headbands! This is how they turned out and How to make them
So I got this at Joanns awhile ago, And Its Three Yards and Seven wide, I cut it to use for smaller and to make it stretch.
This is all you'd need to make them.
Genuine Suede Lace (Brown).
And Any elastic.

You'll need to cut the Suede into 10 IN, Or more (Better to add a little extra),
Cut one 10 IN's Of the Ribbon, \
Take all four and tie the elastic around the end,
Braid Until you run out or it is at a Desired Length,
Then Tie other end of elastic to the end of braid, 
(Make sure measure it around your head so it fits properly.)
You can also ass a bit of fabric to hide the tie at the end of braid.

You can also use any kind of material: Lace, Fabric, Ribbon, Rhinestones!!
Super easy if you know how to Braid, Which most people know how to So if you do not know how to braid you can look it up on youtube And/Or Ask someone you know!!
Thank you for taking the time to read this!
Good luck<3

Monday, May 6, 2013

A new beginning

 I recently decided to start a blog, I hope you all enjoy!
 I got this lovely dress from Papaya-Denim shear dress.
I got these shoes last summer, At a garage sale in Port Angeles
 Photo credit to my sister who is amazing at taking photos.
 This dress I got last summer for my sisters wedding.
The denim jacket I got from target.
And the beautiful black heels from goodwill