Thursday, June 13, 2013

                                                               My craft today, A plant box!

First: Roll a ball of clay (Clay, Playdough, Anything that gets hard when baked) 
Second: than, roll out to desired thickness, 
Third: Cut into any shape! (House shaped are pretty cute!)
Fourth: Connect with more clay.
Fifth: pre-heat oven, to 300F, leave in for 10 minutes
Then paint any color, design.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sleeping with sirens new album 'Feel'!

So I recently went to Target to get Sleeping with sirens new album, 'Feel' And Got it, It was amazing deal!! 
I was expecting it to be at least 10.00 or more, But I had to have it!! So I went and finally found it! 
It turns out it was only 9.75! 
It also comes with a 14X14 poster of them all! 

(Not in order) 
Kellin Quinn 
Justin Hills
Gabe Barham
Jesse Lawson
Jack Fowler

 I love mostly all of these songs this album is one of their softer ones, Most people are disappointed by it, Because it's not the same as the rest of the albums, But it was meant to be softer and not so hard core.
Personally I love all of their music, And hope to buy they all!
I only have four CD's because for the longest time I didn't have a working CD player, But now that I do, I've been looking forward t buying more CD's!
                                                                   Much love ~Molly

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Good thing come through the mail

I recently ordered some shoes on eBay! 
I ordered them on Friday and got them on Monday!

I really love them they fit just the way I wanted them to fit! they are one of newest favorite pair  of shoes

                            The are Oxfords and they have a beautiful print of multi colored flowers

I am in love with them, I Am now looking for new pairs on eBay, I may be ordering something else on eBay as well, A four set bracelet with a cross, A braid, And A infinity sign, I forget the other one but they are beautiful!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Beautiful Nature!

I enjoy seeing the flowers that have been turning up everywhere! 
I found one of our flowers is a CA Poppy! I found that after the petals fall off and die, they leave some kind of pod that has a little flower on it.
So I was painting and grabbed one and starting stamping, You can do this with anything leaves, flowers, feathers, grass, Pretty much anything.
This one I just took one plant and covered it with black paint and pressed it onto the paper that I painted with silver paint
I got these little tiny purple and did with the same as the photo above!
 I picked out some paints I liked, You can use less or more any colors
These are the plants I used.
                        You can paint the background or just leave it white you could also use cardstock.
You have to spread the paint you want to use as the flower stamps
Stamp the flower/Plant on the paint
You can do a lot of colors, shapes, plants, anything!!
 Do the same with the other color(s)
And then you are done! Its super easy AND fun! 


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Waiting For Summertime

So I know I most likely post to much but it's not like anyone cares!
I am wearing A shirt Hand-Me-Down from my sister 
A elephant necklace that I've had forever, Forever21
The headband I made myself ( DIY HeadBand)
The bracelet is actually a necklace that I got from my Gramma
Jeans are from a friend 
  Yep.....Sometimes you have to have a little fun!!
 I Lovvveee this necklace, Its perfect to have a big chunky accessory to make your simple outfit look like 
something more.
This shirt I borrowed from my Big Sister, (I want to buy it!!) It's from Ross,.
The Charmed Bracelets my cousin got me from Forever21.
The Earring which You can't really see are some of my favorite! Forever21.
The black bow wedges I got from Goodwill last summer.
The shorts I got from another friend, My mom sewed the lace on which I adore!

Photo I took with my older sisters really nice camera!


Love it, Or leave it.

I recently had a photo shoot with my older sister! 
We really enjoy taking photos and posting them onto a site called lookbook 
I got this tank top from a friend,
The skirt I've had for a long time its from Forever21
The shoes I got for my birthday Charlotte russe
 Nail polish L.A Colors, purple.
Earrings, Forever21.
Bottom ring, Saturday Market.
Top ring, I made my self.
Headband, Charlotte russe.

I Absolutely love this weather lately, It has effected everything, Moods, Flowers/Plants! 
I love seeing all the flowers in our front yard and back, It is such a pretty view in every way.
I also enjoy being able to go out and sit in the sun clearly I need to!

Friday, May 31, 2013

DIY HeadBand

 Today I decided to try and make some headbands! This is how they turned out and How to make them
So I got this at Joanns awhile ago, And Its Three Yards and Seven wide, I cut it to use for smaller and to make it stretch.
This is all you'd need to make them.
Genuine Suede Lace (Brown).
And Any elastic.

You'll need to cut the Suede into 10 IN, Or more (Better to add a little extra),
Cut one 10 IN's Of the Ribbon, \
Take all four and tie the elastic around the end,
Braid Until you run out or it is at a Desired Length,
Then Tie other end of elastic to the end of braid, 
(Make sure measure it around your head so it fits properly.)
You can also ass a bit of fabric to hide the tie at the end of braid.

You can also use any kind of material: Lace, Fabric, Ribbon, Rhinestones!!
Super easy if you know how to Braid, Which most people know how to So if you do not know how to braid you can look it up on youtube And/Or Ask someone you know!!
Thank you for taking the time to read this!
Good luck<3