Sunday, June 2, 2013

Beautiful Nature!

I enjoy seeing the flowers that have been turning up everywhere! 
I found one of our flowers is a CA Poppy! I found that after the petals fall off and die, they leave some kind of pod that has a little flower on it.
So I was painting and grabbed one and starting stamping, You can do this with anything leaves, flowers, feathers, grass, Pretty much anything.
This one I just took one plant and covered it with black paint and pressed it onto the paper that I painted with silver paint
I got these little tiny purple and did with the same as the photo above!
 I picked out some paints I liked, You can use less or more any colors
These are the plants I used.
                        You can paint the background or just leave it white you could also use cardstock.
You have to spread the paint you want to use as the flower stamps
Stamp the flower/Plant on the paint
You can do a lot of colors, shapes, plants, anything!!
 Do the same with the other color(s)
And then you are done! Its super easy AND fun!