Saturday, June 1, 2013

Waiting For Summertime

So I know I most likely post to much but it's not like anyone cares!
I am wearing A shirt Hand-Me-Down from my sister 
A elephant necklace that I've had forever, Forever21
The headband I made myself ( DIY HeadBand)
The bracelet is actually a necklace that I got from my Gramma
Jeans are from a friend 
  Yep.....Sometimes you have to have a little fun!!
 I Lovvveee this necklace, Its perfect to have a big chunky accessory to make your simple outfit look like 
something more.
This shirt I borrowed from my Big Sister, (I want to buy it!!) It's from Ross,.
The Charmed Bracelets my cousin got me from Forever21.
The Earring which You can't really see are some of my favorite! Forever21.
The black bow wedges I got from Goodwill last summer.
The shorts I got from another friend, My mom sewed the lace on which I adore!

Photo I took with my older sisters really nice camera!