Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sleeping with sirens new album 'Feel'!

So I recently went to Target to get Sleeping with sirens new album, 'Feel' And Got it, It was amazing deal!! 
I was expecting it to be at least 10.00 or more, But I had to have it!! So I went and finally found it! 
It turns out it was only 9.75! 
It also comes with a 14X14 poster of them all! 

(Not in order) 
Kellin Quinn 
Justin Hills
Gabe Barham
Jesse Lawson
Jack Fowler

 I love mostly all of these songs this album is one of their softer ones, Most people are disappointed by it, Because it's not the same as the rest of the albums, But it was meant to be softer and not so hard core.
Personally I love all of their music, And hope to buy they all!
I only have four CD's because for the longest time I didn't have a working CD player, But now that I do, I've been looking forward t buying more CD's!
                                                                   Much love ~Molly